Technical Specifications

Model: L-EB02


  • Exterior dimentions: 25x35x25 (cm) / 250x350x250 (inches)
  • Safe’s steel thickness: Body (1cm / 0,4”) Door (3cm / 1,2”)
  • Net Weight: 7,5 Kgs / 16,5 pounds
  • Gross Weight: 7,8 Kgs / 17,5 pounds
  • Batteries: 1 x 1,5 type AA (included)
  • Warning system: Support
Additional Features

Steel Construction with Carpeted Floor: Built from solid, pry-resistant steel, the security safe offers rugged reliability and long-lasting strength. On the inside, the safe’s soft carpeted floor offers an added layer of protection ensuring jewelry, heirlooms, or other delicate items are safeguarded against scratches or damage.

Mounting Hardware: The LOGAN security safe’s design also allows for easily bolting it to a floor, shelf, or wall (when supported underneath). Four bolts are included for this purpose. Mounting the security safe adds an extra layer of deterrence, and all necessary mounting hardware comes included.

Reprogrammable Digital Access + 2 Override Keys: Equipped with an electronic lock, the Logan security safe offers quick set-up and easy operation. After installing four AA batteries (not included), reprogram the safe with your own unique passcode. To open the safe, enter your passcode using the key pad, then turn the knob clockwise to open the safe door. Two emergency override keys are included, which makes it possible to open the safe and access your valuables even if you forget your passcode or if the keypad batteries run out.

The digital display has three different symbols to indicate locked, unlocked, and low battery


Manual and Tutorial