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LOGAN’s Advantages

These are some of the features that make LOGAN your best choice on CCTV and Security Systems

All in One Kits
LOGAN offers you its All in One Kits. Inside of every kit you will find everything you need to install a video surveillance system.
Free App
We guarantee our Apps are totally free, with no monthly payments or user limits, available for iOS and Android devices.
Private Server
Our Private Server allows you to enjoy the fastest speed for remote viewing your cameras through our Apps
Multilanguage Call Center
We bring to our customers and users a Multi-Language Call Center, with lifetime personalized attention
Customized Support
Through our Customer Care Department we effort to bring you the best support service. Your satisfaction is our priority!
We are commited to bring the best service experience not only to our customers, but also to anyone who wants to know LOGAN Technology

Everything you need in one Kit!

LOGAN Kits work with All in One Technology, including in one equipment the most common technologies in CCTV area, simplifying the configuration process to the user and guaranteeing the compatibility between equipments

All LOGAN kits include everything you need to instal a professional and high resolution video surveillance circuit

  • Guaranteed compatibility.
  • Expansion Capability.
  • Easy installation.

Smart WiFi Doorbell


What people are saying!

Efficient, it worked for me, I was impressed by how quickly they answered me. Usually, this kind of consultations take a long time, you were quick, also at 800 and the attention was clear and fast

by Email

Excellent guidance, accurate and complete … thanks.

P.S. I bought two more products, for the trust given when calling the technical service

by Chat

Excellent support service, my meeting amazed at the quality of the answers, and above all very concrete, thank you continue like this

by Email

The support he received was very good, precise and timely, accompanied by an unsurpassed kindness from the technical team, especially agent Luis Lavado, thanks for the support provided.

by Email

The technical service is of another level, thank you very much for your help, it is always pending to solve it, again thank you very much

by Email

Free App and NO monthly fees!

We guarantee our App totally free, without monthly payments or user limits, available for iOS and Android operating systems

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