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The Wireless IP video surveillance kit consists of an NVR and IP cameras with wireless connection, that is, they only need power to put them into operation, in addition with night vision and weather protection, the NVR capable of storing the recordings on the hard disk installed in the equipment and with remote viewing totally free.

The only device in its range that can wirelessly send the image of the digital recorder to the cameras. This is possible thanks to the new digital wireless technology that incorporates several levels of encryption, making the sending of the video signal completely secure, reliable and stable. In short, an economic, comfortable, practical and ideal digital wireless surveillance system to keep an eye on children, adults, nannies, assistants, workers, among other.

Special Feature

The cameras transmit real-time image wirelessly at an approximate distance of 30/40 meters to the NVR, with the ability to extend the wireless distance thanks to its feature as wireless repeater, an innovative solution that allows the user to setup a camera that enhances the wireless signal of the NVR for the installation of another camera at a greater distance.

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