Newark residents will be able to view police cameras

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NEWARK, New Jersey – Last Thursday Newark Mayor Ras Baraka announced the launch of the virtual policing program “Citizen Virtual Patrol”

“This invaluable technology puts a real-time crime reporting tool in the hands of every concerned community member,” Baraka said.

A total of 62 surveillance cameras were installed around the city, and because of that anyone will be able to log onto the Newark Police Department’s website and view them. This program hopefully will encourage citizens to help police during investigations to deter criminal activity.

“This will result in safer neighborhoods and a stronger partnership between police and the community in safeguarding the City of Newark,” Baraka said.

As the announcement said by October the city is planning to increase the number of cameras from 62 to 125 , with live monitoring by Newark police officials, finally another 200 will be added to the system.

The launch of a mobile version of the software is another one of the plans with this new program.

A nice modern way to be safe and to encourage citizens to participate!


Source: ABC7 NY

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